I will take you on a game engine journey

Remember last post when I said “I’m back mostly because looking back at your progress for the past weeks is just a very good thing to do?! And now I am just going back to the roots of this devlog – I will do whatever I feel like and then I will come here and write about what I’ve done, problems I’ve faced, what I’ve learned and, of course, add some Michael Scott gifs.”? – and then I proceeded to not writing anything for 153 days?

at least one thing on all that was true

I have very important news: remember I was doing a 2D game engine called realiti2D? Yeah, good times, I decided to stop doing realiti2D and start doing another engine, which I decided to call visions2D.

But for what reason someone might decide to stop doing something just to start doing it all over again? You might ask.

Well, there were some things I didn’t really like about realiti2D.

First, I didn’t really like the entrypoint. You have to create a class that extended the “Application” class, and then implement a function pre-defined in the engine, and that would be where your Application would start.

It just feels a bit confusing and unnecessary for me, I changed to a “you do the main function” approach. visions2D will have auxiliary classes to create games and tools, but at the end of the day, you can do whatever you want if you know well the engine architecture.

With that, within visions2D I can create a standalone renderer so I can test things and create tools.

And that was the second big reason, as I learned more about rendering, I noticed that realiti2D’s renderer was pretty bad, and I felt like restarting it would be the better thing to do. But I promised myself that’s the last time I restart an engine, if I face any major issues, which I’m sure I will, I will refactor!

With visions2D I want to not only create a good environment to make games, but to also make tools, and for that I need a well written renderer that can work as a standalone. I also need really good UI code, but that is a future me problem.


How does the current process on visions2D look like? You may ask.

A big thing is that I started with Dear ImGui from the start, and it has been really helpful with debugging and making simple tools!

And recently I have made a simple flappy bird clone on it!

I will do a short youtube video on it so stay tuned.

Random Prototype of the Month

I like working on some occasional prototypes, so recently I picked a course on how to make a simple match-3 game, and you can see the result of it above! There’s not much to it really, it’s a match-3, everyone knows how a match-3 is supposed to work!

My intentions would be to expand it in the future and make something more interesting to it, but for now I just laid down some basic foundations.

That’s the course it was based on, I highly recommend it! I actually recommend all other courses by Wilmer Lin, he’s a very skilled programmer.

What’s next?

I intend to make frequents blog posts! I know I always say that, and it might take 1 week to do another post, or it might take 3 months, but I want to be frequently writing about the process of making this game engine, and also making some occasional game prototypes.

With some time I might think about doing vlogs instead of blog posts like this, but I’m still trying to figure out how to YouTube.

Speaking of how to YouTube.

This is the fourth video I’ve ever made! and It’s about making a roguelike in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 48! Spoiler Alert: It didn’t go too well.

I want to make an YouTube video every 2 weeks. I feel like that’s how much time I need to actually plan what I’m going to do, actually do something for the video, and then record/edit it. If I get the hang of it and it turns out that it’s easy to do that, I might think of doing one video per week, I might do these game engine vlogs, maybe a “monthly coffee time” where I talk about recent game industry news?!

I don’t know, I still have to get the hang of this YouTube thing and figure out to get good lighting, how to get the camera to focus on my face and how to get the microphone to properly capture my voice…

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