How the turn tables – May Update

Oh hi it’s me here again with the occasional monthly game development log post! What happened last month? not much, not much. Just kept looking for jobs, working in an Unreal game with people from my Master’s degree and I don’t know where all my free time went.


I haven’t been really active lately on my personal game development studies, I’ve been trying some things and getting geeky in C++.

Peanut Butter PONG

Last blog post I mentioned Peanut Butter Engine, hey, it’s my own engine!

After advancing a little bit with it, adding particle effects and working a little bit more on the structure, I started to make the first game using Peanut Butter Engine! Which is… Peanut Butter PONG! You can see a gif right above.

I still have a long way to go through, here is what’s on my wishlist for Peanut Butter Engine (and PONG)

  • Clickable UI Buttons (which call a function and executes something)
  • Scenes/Levels/Transitions (Working on integrating Lua in the engine for that)
  • Pause Functionality
  • In Game UI (Such as Panels)

And after all those things, I have a little backlog of games I want to do with Peanut Butter Engine

  • Asteroids
  • Space Invaders
  • Pac Man
  • A Platformer

And after doing all these, my engine will probably have a good architecture, after that I want to worry about exporting games to windows, and the dream would be building games for web.

Raycaster in C

I also worked in this Raycaster in C, I won’t extending myself too much talking about it, just appreciate the end product on this tweet right above!

As you might know, all of those things are open source on my GitHub!

I will cut my update short this month, and I want to make another post here in a week or two and possibly discuss the future of this devlog!

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